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Rajah Finds His Wisdom: Using Our Differences Wisely

In his new home, young Rajah, the African elephant, faces rejection. The king’s herd is made up of Asian elephants. Rajah is different. His ears are much bigger, his forehead flat, his trunk longer, and has two flaps like a thumb and second finger on our hand. As an adult he grows up to be the biggest in the herd and  a bully with those who bullied him. Opportunities to do well, and acceptance by others lead Rajah to the wisdom of using his differences wisely. The colourful watercolour illustrations were created by Lois Sexsmith.

We are hoping “Rajah Finds His Wisdom” will bring delight and learning to a host of children, their parents, aunts, uncles and neighbours. I’m sure he’ll make a great gift for the children in your life.

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Elizabeth Gets Her Wings

     Elizabeth is an enthusiastic angel who can’t wait to receive her wings. “Pick me!” she shouts when God needs an angel for a special job. She’s hoping she can earn her wings right away. Follow Elizabeth as she travels the earth seeking volunteers for a mysterious journey.

With effort and God’s encouragement Elizabeth finds her three volunteers. Problem is her task is not finished.

You and your child will enjoy Olivia Phillips portrayal of Elizabeth, a child full of personality and energy.

     Elizabeth Gets Her Wings  adapts easily as a drama making it a helpful resource for  teachers, and clergy. Of course it’s a great book for reading together as a family during Advent.

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Spectacular Stella

Spectacular Stella is a star who gets lost, even before she knows who she is. The wind leads Stella astray and then drops her, as if she doesn’t matter at all. Stella feels abandoned, alone. As you read Stella’s story, you and your child will delight in the interaction between Stella and her new friend Angelo. Together Stella and Angelo discover that being who you are is just. right. Angelo leads Stella to her home in the night sky. Stella learns that she is not only a beautiful star but she has special purpose in life.

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Breakthrough Moments

Breakthrough Moments is a collection of fifteen biblically-based short stories with a twist: stories to help you make new connections between the Bible’s wisdom and your life. Included are the scripture passages on which the story is based, prayers and discussion questions. Enjoy reading Breakthrough Moments for your personal and family reflections. Use it for Bible Study, small group programs and Sunday morning worship. In the words of Rosemary Lambie, Breakthrough Moments “will become a treasured resource in your personal collection, worn out from use before it can ever lose it’s value as a teaching tool.”

Janet Stobie has used her imagination and research to create eye-witness accounts of traditional and familiar Bible stories. In the process, she offers new interpretations that can open your heart and mind to the wisdom of acceptance, forgiveness, family life and much more.

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Fireweed is an intriguing mystery, guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

A head on collision steals the life of wife and mother, Serena Grenville, shattering the safe peaceful lives of her husband, Steve and Renée, his 15-year-old daughter. When Renée and her dad attempt to build a new family of two, the pressures of school, work and friendship increase the stress in their lives.

At first Renée is frustrated by an unidentified voice on the phone. She thinks she knows who it is.  When the harassment continues, fear creeps in. Will Steve and Renée recognize and receive the help that God offers them?

Fireweed weaves the intrigue of mystery with the search for hope to create a story of compassion and light, tears and laughter. Whether you’re wanting to escape for rest and reflection, or searching for help with grief, Fireweed is a great place to start.

Offering fourteen strategies for dealing with grief, Fireweed has been recommended by grief counsellors, funeral directors and clergy. Adults and teens who don’t wish to read a clinical book on grief will find in Fireweed lessons they need for new life.

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To Begin Again

It’s been almost three years since the accident and Serena’s death. Widower, Steve Grenville, and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Renée, have begun to live again as a family of two. The residents of the small town of Catalpa Creek have recovered from the Grenville’s tragedy and returned to the illusion of living in peace and security.

But change comes as it always does.

The promise of a new relationship for Steve develops. Renée fears losing her dad. And she’s afraid her mom will be forgotten. When the community-sponsored refugee family from Syria arrives, buried feelings of prejudice and fear surface in Catalpa Creek. Anger and violence erupt. The community is in turmoil. Strengthened by their faith, Steve and Renée live with courage through the tragedy and unexpected joy that life offers them.


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A Child Speaks

This collection of 9 short stories introduces the Bible’s life-lessons to both children and adults. I have brought each child to life through research and imagination. I gave them a name, a personality, a family. With that foundation, I considered how the experience would affect their lives.

For example:

In “A Boy and His Lunch”, you learn why the little boy offered his lunch to Jesus.

In “Given Away”, you learn what it might have been like to be baby Moses’ sister.

When told as monologues, the stories in A Child Speaks are also a valuable resource for group programs, intergenerational worship, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School. Their unique perspective will foster lively discussion at Bible study.

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Can I Hold Him?

Eleven engaging stories to deepen your family’s Christmas celebrations.

As we prepare for Christmas it’s easy to get so caught up in buying gifts and planning the family gathering, that we lose track of the origin and meaning of Christmas. Can I Hold Him? can help you discover anew the relevance our traditional Christmas story has for our lives today.

What would it have been like to be pregnant, unmarried and sixteen 2000 years ago? Is it any different today? There was no room in the inn for Mary and Joseph. Do we have room in our hearts today for the lost, lonely, stranger or family member. These stories fill in the gaps in the Biblical story. Also included in the book are four present day stories. There is even one about Santa Claus.

Even if you aren’t religious, but wish to tap into the spiritual side of Christmas, these stories will have relevance for your life. Read them as you prepare for Christmas.

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A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home is a “good news” story written to introduce the reader to the concept of families who are homeless.

Allyson’s dad lost his job when the company moved its factory to Mexico. Mom works for minimum wage at a coffee shop. There was no longer enough money to pay rent, electricity and food bills. Allyson and her family were forced to move. Now they’re in town at the local homeless shelter named A Place Called Home. The move meant that Allyson and her little brother had to change schools.

The story follows only a few days in Allyson’s life, yet it covers many of the problems faced by families who are homeless. This lovely story will touch your heart.

Jill Quinn Babcock’s beautiful illustrations present Allyson as a real life child who could be sitting next to you at school.

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Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotions

Forty-four devotional worship services with reflections, hymns, prayers, discussion question and more plus tips for effective worship leadership and workbook for learning to build your own services.

To help your group focus I have also included tweets and downloadable pictures for you to use during the service, in your newsletter and on posters. Everything you need all gathered together in one book.

Dipping Your Toes is also helpful for creating nursing home services, Sunday morning worship, Bible Study and your personal devotions.

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Janet Stobie

Author & Motivational Speaker

“How did you get started writing?” is a question I hear often. I believe my entire life has prepared me for this retirement career. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to earn a B.A. in Psychology, Masters in Educational Counselling, Masters of Divinity, a certificate in spiritual direction and nineteen years in Parish Ministry. This background gives me confidence and abundant resources to tell the world through my writing that accepting, respecting, loving one another is the path to peace both for ourselves and our world.
The journey is exciting and rewarding. Each of my books are like my children. I think of writing as giving birth. The seed of inspiration is planted, the growing of the manuscript within my head and on my computer, the hard labour of editing, and finally a child is born. After this comes the work of publishing. What you see in the library on my book page are my children created with love.
I haven’t retired. In fact my husband, Tom, tells people that I failed retirement…

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