Feed the hungry; love the needy.
I know the drill.
Some tastes lovely; greed is, deadly.
God’s gift, free will.

The feast invites; my friend welcomes
Receive God’s love
Her smile beckons; her hands reach out
Accept her love.

More than you need; of course, that’s real
in our great land.
Enjoy the gifts; don’t waste the food.
That’s God’s command.

Table beckons, all decked in green
a gorgeous sight
Gleaming silver, precious china
This feast feels right.

The Parade appears; seven courses long
Exquisite, delicious, luscious, fine
Each course steps forward,
I’ll lose my mind.

Enjoy! Enjoy! my mantra chants.
I must eat some.
Choose with care; the words recite.
There’s more to come.

The final moment., a giant pie.
Greed shouts, “Yes.”.
Feed the hungry; they’re forgotten
I cut the slice.

With well-aged cheese, and ice cream too.
the taste divine,
Each bite brings joy; heavenly bliss
I’ve lost my mind.

Enough! Enough! Rebellion cries!
Too much! Too much!
Clean your plate; don’t waste good food
My past strikes back.

Too late, too late, my stomach screams
Sharp pain the cost.
The battle o’er; the plate wiped clean.
Free will has lost.

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