It’s been a long drive to Sault Ste Marie through rugged mountains and past trees and sparkling blue lakes. Lake Superior is another sacred place. For most of the journey to Wawa, we glimpsed the shining lake waters through the trees. We stopped for a late lunch at a roadside park just past Rossport. The road led us down to the shoreline, where we found picnic tables and the essential outhouses. It was easy to say thank you to God for this place. Like Moses, we took off our shoes, rolled up our trousers and waded into the lake. Expecting the water to be frigid, we were surprised to find it quite comfortable.

“Look at all the pretty rocks. Let’s collect some for Ellie,” I said.. “Well, probably the rest of the grandchildren will like some too. We’ll have to get lots.” What followed wwas a delightful half hour gathering stones and talking to the other people who had broken their journey in this beautiful spot.

Refreshed and fed, we traveled on. Five p.m. found us driving into Wawa.

“We’ve gone far enough,” Tom said as he rubbed his eyes. The first motel had no pet free rooms so we took a room at the Sportman Motel. It’s just fine. Of course, not posh like the Sleeping Giant B&B, but quite adequate. At the restaurant down the road, Tom was complaining a bit. I reminded him that we were back in our own territory now. We can’t travel with the rich every day. When our dinner came it was scrumptious. Once fed we felt much better. We took a drive through town and found a big United Church as well as three other churches, and a beautiful lake and beach. The Laundromat was closed. Guess we’ll just carry our dirty clothes a little further. We might have enough clean stuff to get to Sharon’s.

Tonight there is a chill in the air. “I think fall must finally be starting to come,” I said.

Tom replied, “Don’t be too sure, I think it’s just the wind blowing across the water.”

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