Sept. 12 & 13

We spent two full days in Thunder Bay. Saturday morning I wandered and meditated in Sonja’s garden. We took pictures of the seven different garden rooms she had created with flowers, trees, and arbors. Sonja is an artist. She and her partner were friendly, welcoming and interesting. Breakfast was fabulous. We decided the experience was well worth every dollar. In the end it was no more expensive than an reasonably priced hotel when we considered the breakfast. In conversation with our hosts we mentioned our love of dancing.

“I’ll call my friends Daniel and Michelle. They’re going dancing tonight. I’m sure they’ll be glad to take you with them,” Sonja responded.

We spent the afternoon downtown at the sidewalk fair. We found a wonderful Christian Book store called Hull’s Family Book Store.

“We’ve been in business here for 91 years,” Sarah the owner said. (She looked to be about 30). “We like to support Canadian Christian Authors. Yes, I’ll buy your books, just four of each to start. When they sell I’ll order more. I own two other stores, one in Winnipeg and one in Steinbach. I’ll see about getting some for them too.”

Sarah was friendly, helpful and affirming. We went to Staples for more business cards, had supper, and returned to the B&B happy with our day, and excited about going dancing.

Danielle and Michelle were great. We had a grand evening and were ready for sleep.

Sunday morning we drove out to Camp Duncan where four downtown United Churches from ThunderBay were gathering for worship. Tom had talked with Janice Stevenson one of the ministers involved on Saturday. He brought along his guitar and helped with the music. The service was meaningful and fun. The sun kept trying to shine and God’s Son did shine through the people of the four congregations. We were welcomed and fed both spiritually and physically. And we sold books as well as recommending that people go to Hull’s.

On the way home we went to the Amethyst Mine Panorama. A tourist trap yes, yet interesting and fun. We did some mining for amethysts and got a handful of unpolished stones to bring home. We also sold the store clerk two books. All in all it was a good day, and it wasn’t over yet. Daniel and Michelle had invited us to go dancing with them again that evening. This time it was a dancing lesson. Tom and I learned a bit, got some exercise and enjoyed ourselves. Afterward we went for coffee with our new friends. Michelle even bought a copy of “Can I Hold Him?”.

This morning I was up early to do my meditation in the sun room and watch the sunrise. Once again we had a scrumptious breakfast. It was time to load the car and head towards the Sault. The Sleeping Giant B&B has been a fabulous experience, the house the garden and especially Sonja and Dick. The wonder of this journey is that the blessings never end.

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