By eight a.m. today, we were on the road heading for Thunder Bay. I had been dreading this part of the drive. Trees, I thought, it will be eight hours of trees. Well, there were trees, yes, lots of trees. The trees came in every shape and shade imaginable. Around almost every corner the trees opened up to a beautiful blue lake, sparkling in the sunshine. Then the trees would close in again. There were miles of rock cuts, some 30-40 feet high, revealing every colour – pinks, blue greys, rusts, even blacks. Once again God overwhelmed me with the beauty of creation. We stopped in Kenora at Ho Jo’s coffee shop and bookstore. It’s owner bought my books outright (Hallelujah), and we bought coffee, a delicious muffin and a Kenora Misty Tea Latte. That was a huge improvement on my milky tea and only half the calories of a cappuccino.

In Dryden we were directed to a wonderful book and gift shop called Inspirations. The owner, Holly, said “This store is my ministry, and I love it. It’s like being surrounded with candy. I’ve got my dream.” Holly also bought my books outright. Her enthusiasm for my books and for her store was catching. The visit certainly gave us a blessing from God.

Arriving in Thunder Bay at supper time, we decided it would be best to get our motel room and then eat. I got out the list and we tried to call. The cell phone acted strange. We went to a shopping centre looking for a pay phone. We stopped at a Kiosk that sold cell phones (not Telus of course). A very pleasant, friendly, helpful young man informed us that Telus had no contract with the Thunder Bay Cell System. He loaned us his phone. We started with B&B’s. After two “no answers” and one “no vacancy” our frustration level on an empty stomach was rising. Tom dialed the “Sleeping Giant B&B”. They had space and the price was manageable. “She sounds nice,” Tom said, his hand over the phone. “Let’s take it.” The same helpful young man got out the phone book map and explained how to get to the B&B and to Montana’s. We took a deep breath and went to eat.

God must have been smiling on us. Supper was good and the B&B wonderful. Our hostess showed us our room – the Green room with pictures of Anne of Green Gables here and there, a wonderful ensuite bath, a sun room to relax in and beautiful flower gardens to enjoy in the morning.

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