September 7

We slept in. It must have been the clouds and the rain. We had a grand search for our records. When we finally found them, it was after eleven. Sharron made Saskatoon berry pancakes that were delicious. We watched the rain pelt down, stop and then start again. In between showers Tom packed the car. The clock had rolled around to 1:30 when we finally left Fort Qu’Appelle. That along with the change in time, put us in Brandon Manitoba at 6:30 p.m..

We stopped first at a pharmacy to get my elbow checked. Some time in the last three days, I had been bitten by some thing. Infection raged. The spot was swollen, red, and tingling. Time to get it checked. I had two alternatives, three actually. I could take my arm to the hospital, the drugstore or ignore it. WE decided on the pharmacy. The very friendly and helpful pharmacist suggested soaking it in salt water, applying Polysporin, and a bandaide. If it isn’t better tomorrow morning go to a walk-in clinic, she suggested.

“You don’t want to end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics,” she cautioned.

We followed instructions. The next morning it was a bit better. The swelling had diminished.. Tom went to the motel desk and came back with two handfuls of salt packets. We now have a supply for the next three days. We soaked it again

Tom took the car for a checkup and oil change and I did Staples, Sobey’s and the bank. We checked in at bookstores and went to two churches. Sold four books at the churches and left the books on consignment at two stores. It was time to move on to Winnipeg.

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