What’s been happening since the 25th?

Heaps and Bunches. Last Wednesday we traveled south to Head Smashed In, Buffalo Jump near Fort Macleod and Lethbridge, Alberta. It sounds gruesome and I suppose in some ways it is. Still we had a great day.

We started early. By 8 a.m. we were flying down a smooth four lane highway. I even did some of the driving. Golden fields of grain waving in the wind, cheered us on, as we passed. We arrived in time for the native dancing performance. It was worth the whole trip. The expert dancers wore beautiful beaded and feathered costumes. The emcee was funny and played the crowd well. He asked for volunteers and nabbed Tom first. Then six others joined Tom, to become the flag bearers for the opening ceremony. Tom disappeared and when the show began, he carried the American flag. God does have a sense of humour. Once the parade was finished, a dancer came out and gave the seven flag bearers a lesson. We all enjoyed their efforts. Of course, the main purpose of these volunteers was to demonstrate how hard and intricate the steps actually are. The emcee thanked his volunteers and the real dancing began. The performance lasted about two hours. It was excellent.

We had buffalo burgers for lunch. They left a little to be desired, mainly because mine was not cooked through. They were having trouble with the barbecue. We walked the trail to the “Buffalo Jump” reading the information posted along the way. The ridge gave a wide few of the big sky and flat lands around us. The Interpretive Center is built into the hill and almost disappears on the landscape. Inside, the information and artifacts of the local native culture and experiences spread out before us on five levels. A replica of the treaty, this Indian nation had made with the British long ago, hung on the wall. I had never before had the opportunity to read a treaty agreement. The native people received very little for their land. It is embarrassing and painful to think it was our ancestors who set out the terms of the agreement.

We finished our tour by three, leaving us time to go to Dove Christian Books in Lethbridge. What a truly beautiful store! The owners are lovely people. They chose to take my books on consignment. Our work done,we walked down the street to the farmer’s market. We stopped to purchase some luscious British Columbia peaches. In the process we sold a copy of Can I Hold Him to the book store owners’ niece(She would have bought Spectacular Stella as well, but she didn’t have enough cash with her. She said she’d go to Dove Books to get Stella.) and a copy of both books to her boss from B.C. We also left my card at the Ten Thousand Villages store and suggested to the clerk that she go to Dove Christian Books to buy my books. Hungry, yet again, we ate at an Italian restaurant. Filling our tank with cheap gas in Fort Macleod, we headed back to Calgary. Another day completed.

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