Sunday morning,

We started with church. I can think of no better way to keep the Sabbath. After having lunch with our friends, we drove out to Elbow Falls, about 45 minutes South and West of Calgary. The rugged beauty of the Elbow River as it races over the rocks is breathtaking. Tinted green by the glacial melt, this river is the water source for the city of Calgary. The falls is tiny in comparison to most others I have seen, and yet this place has a magnetism, and a peace that draws local people and tourists. The pathways are paved, with steps cut into the rocks. Here and there, along the river, families enjoyed a picnic. Tom and I walked along the railing and soaked up the Spirit that the river offered us.
We returned to Calgary for a late supper with our friends and then a neat card game before bed. We’ve had a grand day.

Over the whole day, we sold twelve books. It seems that most everyone we show them to wants to buy them. We have brought three hundred with us and they are going quickly. We are truly blessed.


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