Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Wednesday we started the day at bookstores. Koinonia in downtown Victoria bought some outright. That was great. We left samples at two other places. Because we don’t start out early, it was nearly two when we got to Butchardt Gardens. Just as in Cathedral Grove we were overwhelmed with the beauty. This place was very different. The hand of human beings was apparent everywhere as the gardens were beautifully landscaped and groomed. The colours were so vibrant that at times they didn’t seem real. Over and over again we said, “Look at that. Wow!” until we sounded like a broken record. We kept thinking about our children, grandchildren, friends and how much they too would enjoy being there with us. We’ve been away three weeks and we’re missing everyone even though we’re having a grand time. In the evening at the gardens, we enjoyed a live theatre production of dancing and singing. Every number was a love song. It was great too. We collapsed into bed in our motel at eleven p.m.
Thursday morning we returned to the two bookstores. Christian books and supplies took ten of each on consignment. The owner said they would pay the cost of any that weren’t sold. The store only took big name people and local authors. We had a lovely ferry ride and managed to sell two books on the way across. The scenery from the ferry was also fabulous. Then came the Vancouver traffic ordeal. We spent about three hours fighting traffic to leave books on consignment at the Seraphim book store. By the time we got to Merritt it was already 7:30 p.m. Time to stop for the night. We found a wonderful motel room – once again only $55. It had a stove and fridge and dishes, a living room and a bedroom. So we bought some groceries and had supper and breakfast at the motel.
Today, Friday, our trip through the mountains was breathtaking. All Canadians need to travel West at least once. It’s amazing. We got to Golden B.C. at 5:30 (had to set our clocks ahead an hour). We could see rain in the mountains ahead. I didn’t want Tom to drive on wet and maybe slippery mountain roads in the middle of a storm. Besides we were both tired of being in the car. We’ve had a lovely restful evening. Today we sold five books on route. There’s a bookstore in Merritt that carries my books now. We had a lovely visit with the minister of the United Church in Golden. Tomorrow it’s the Rockies and Calgary. Each day I say, “It can’t get better” and yet it does.

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