“Down to the Potter’s House”

“God is good,” shouted Right Rev. David Giuliani into the microphone.
“all the time,” responded the more than six hundred committed, passionate people of faith who filled the gymnasium at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna.
“All the time,” shouted Right Rev. David Giuliani.
“God is good,” responded the people.
Thus, began the first day of the fortieth meeting of the General Council of the United Church of Canada.
That same spontaneous energy -God’s Spirit – surrounded me all day. Signs of a healthy faithful church were everywhere, from the enthusiastic happy faces of the young people to music that called us to sing and dance to walls decorated with hundreds of prayer flags made by congregations from across our country. It’s been an amazing day.
We worshipped as two potters worked with clay on their potter’s wheels. “Working with clay is messy,” our Moderator said. “The potter kneads the clay to work out the memory of the shape the clay has been. Once centered, the wheel begins to turn, and the potter’s hands gently and carefully push and scrape to mold something new and exciting. During this time together, God the potter will be working with us, kneading us to help us let go of the past, and centering us in faith in order to bring forth from us something new and exciting.”
The sunny yellow shirts and happy smiles of the local volunteers who care for us were everywhere. We heard the drums of the local native people who welcomed us as partners in our love for God’s creation.
Lively discussion as we set the agenda, told me that change will be painful. We are a church, alive and healthy, that will make decisions cautiously and carefully. We have solid roots and strong faith, and still change brings fear.
I looked at nine week old Nicholas, asleep in his mother’s arms, heard the youth commissioner at our table speak of God’s call to him to be here, and took a deep breath. This will be work, and this will be fun.
Tonight I am thankful for the privilege of being here.

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