Joy Comes At Every Age

Easter has come and gone and left me thinking about the word “Joy.” An internet search of the meaning of the word, “Joy” gives what is sometimes called “Biblical Joy.” You can look that up yourself. At present, I’m thinking about what I call “God’s Joy,” that feeling, that emotion that overtakes us to the point that we are able to leave ourselves behind. I believe that “Joy,” a form of happiness, comes with the rising up of God’s Holy Spirit within us.

It’s hard to explain, easier to give examples. I feel that mystery of Joy when I’m rocking my precious child, grandchild, great-grand child to sleep. That particular Joy is presented exquisitely in the children’s picture book, “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. Every time I read it, tears slip down my cheeks. Tom read it, voice breaking, at his mother’s funeral. We know that Joy can fill our hearts even when in the midst of trauma.

I feel the mystery of Joy when I come round a bend in the road in the Rockies and see God’s spectacular world laid out in front of me. I feel this intensely in an autumn forest. Joy comes through my ears when I listen and dance to some forms of music. I personally feel “Joy” when I am leading worship. I describe it as flying on God’s Spirit.

“Joy” comes for me often during times with family. Last night, my granddaughter, a young woman of twenty, visited. Our two hours of conversation on a wide range of topics was precious beyond measure. She came happily to visit Grandma, just because she loves me. Tears of joy fill my eyes just in writing about it.

“Joy” comes to us with God’s Spirit. We don’t know when or where or with whom. We can’t order it. We can’t cling to it. Joy may include happiness, but not always. It’s just so much more. Joy is God’s gift, often fleeting.  We can collect moments of Joy as memories, like pearls on a string. They can be recalled, imagined, relived. Dwell on these things. Each moment of joy becomes part of your soul to carry you through the dark times of life.

Stop, take notice, and savour the Joy God gives you. Soak in the blessing and give thanks.

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