“The Innocence of Wonder”

This morning, the miracle of nature unfolded before my sleepy eyes. Clean, sparkling snow draped cedar branches, coated bare limbs of our maple tree, greeted me as I settled in my favourite chair. A lonely little rose breasted beauty, feathers ruffled by the wind, feasted at the feeder, tiny beak beating a silent staccato. With each seed he consumed, more seeds rained down on the ground below, preparing breakfast for the mourning doves.

I read the introduction to the chapter titled “South -Trust” in One Story, One Song by Richard Wagamese. He said,

“Trust is the spiritual by-product of innocence. My people say that innocence is…        learning to look at the world with wonder. When we do that, we live in a learning way. Trust, the ability to open yourself to teachings, is the gateway for each of us becoming who we were created to be…Teachings are hidden in every leaf and rock. But only when we look at the world with wonder do the teachings reveal themselves, and trust is also the ability to put those teachings to work in our lives.”

I am starting my day looking at the world with wonder, with awe. All day, I will watch and listen, not just at my window, but with each moment, each person, each event. I will endeavour to trust God enough to open myself to the teachings God is offering me. On this cold, windy day, maybe watching and listening will enable you also to learn new things. God Bless You. Janet

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