A Great Weekend – God’s blessing!

ThCobourg Harbour Front Festival

I’ve just finished bringing my books to two different events. At Cobourg festival, the members of Spirit of the Hills writer’s group had rented a booth together. We all took shifts in the booth. Working with other authors is always fun. I’ve not checked yet on my individual sales. That’s today’s job.

The second event was last Saturday. I was invited by Gayle Colman of a UC. resource centre near London, to join her at a United Church Women’s Conference in London, ON. I had a grand time. We sold seventy of my books. My hand was tired from signing my name. The affirmation of my work from those who had bought my books at the Westminster women’s event in May, was heart warming.

Shopping time for the women attending the conference was early morning during registration time, and at lunch. In total they had about an hour. Yet in this short time, I sold 70 books. My heart was overflowing. The day before I had received a message from a middle ages man looking for a third in my Catalpa Creek series. It seems as if my ministry is on track. So I give God thanks as I’m back at writing this morning. We all need affirmation once in a while. God is good. Just when I’m feeling like it’s time to quit, I receive a boost like this. So I wanted to share my good news with all of you.

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