A Letter from God? I think so.


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A letter from God? I think so. 

Sometimes we question why we go to church. After all, most of the world seems to think we’re wasting our time. In the craziness of today’s world Sunday still offers the idea of rest and it seems like that’s the only “day off” we have.

The truth is that millions of people around the world have felt blessed, affirmed and strengthened by being a part of a community of faith and attending the weekly Sunday gatherings. Sometimes we receive that blessing through the hug of a friend, a song that we sing, the words that are spoken. One Sunday not long ago, Rev. Cathy told this story and I was blessed.

“On TikTok this week, children’s author, Scott Stewart, posted the bedtime story he wrote for a follower’s trans child – for those times when they feel that the world is against them. This is what he wrote – and to me, it feels like a love letter from God.”

Scott gave me permission to post his “story” that I am calling a love letter from God.

Today it might have seemed as if – you simply don’t belong – as if there’s one – or many things – about you that are wrong.

Like the whole world is against you – like nowhere feels like home and all you really want – is to feel safe and less alone.

But to me you are perfect – exactly as you are – even when the world still needs to come so very far.


It’s hard to find the courage to stand and hold your ground – when feeling you’re surrounded by those who’ll bring you down.

You have a heart that’s filled with love, a soul that shines so bright.

Don’t let a single hurtful word dim your shining light.


So take a breath – and let it out – and know that you are strong –

and hold on to that fire inside – you will find where you belong.

So go with joy and live the life that you were born to live – the world needs those special gifts that only you can give.

So close your eyes and sleep now and let your heart be free and know that I am proud of you – just as you’re meant to be.


I believe this is a letter from God that all of us need, desperately, especially in today’s judgmental world.

It’s word’s like this, moments of learning, of affirmation, of acceptance that can happen more often as we gather for Sunday worship. For sure, church takes our precious time. For sure, being part of a faith community means responsibilities.

And for sure, we can learn that as God’s precious children, we are created just as we were meant to be, each one unique. God is proud of each one us. We are precious in God’s sight. What better way to spend our “day off” then learning and relearning that each one of us is valued and special. And then carrying that one step further, learning and relearning to love and care for others. This is the way of peace, the peace our world so desperately needs. May it be So.

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