A Lullaby of Hope

The Love at Home is Holy
Great Grandpa & Riley

This week, our tears pour forth for the pain of our First Nations brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, relatives and friends. This horror has happened over and over in the history of our world. As human beings we are capable of great beauty and wonder, and terrible violence and pain. Today I offer you James Taylor’s interpretation of a portion of Psalm 72. James calls it a “Lullaby of Hope.”

This is my prayer for my great grandchild Riley and all who come after him. It is my prayer for ALL children everywhere. Until ALL children – black, brown, white and every other shade possible- ALL children live this life of giving and receiving love, compassion and joy, peace will not reign. The horror will continue to be perpetrated by people, human beings who have forgotten or abandoned their humanity.

In your mind and in your arms, hold each one of the children you love – children grown up and day old babies, known or stranger – hold them and pray James Taylor’s wonderful prayer of hope every day. Open your heart to respond to God’s call to love ALL people.


A Lullaby of Hope   Psalm 72 vs. 1-7, 10-14

Life will be different for you, my child.

You will break out of our prisons of oppression

Our ghettos of injustice

Your mountains will rise clear in the morning.

Your valleys will offer cozy comfort in the setting sun.

You will not fall prey to prevailing values;

You will never exploit the powerless

Or profit from people’s desperation.

Adversity will not grind you down,

Nor will difficulties dissolve your determination.

They will only help you grow.

A bubble of peace with protect you;

They will all see it in you, my child;

Everyone will see it.

You will do better than us.

You will not be bowed down by despair;

Nor bent by hate.

You will not be crushed by violence;

You will not grovel for power;

You will be free to love,

To care, to have compassion.

You are precious, my child.

For you, things will be different.

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