A New Leader

A New Leader

Since our Queen Elizabeth II died, the news has been filled with stories of her life. Many of us in Canada have shared our memories. At that time we had a television. I remember watching films of her coronation. I can still picture that beautiful young woman processing down the aisle of Westminster Abbey surrounded by pomp and circumstance that surrounded her. Since then I’ve listened to news reports, even personally seen her wave from her car. But mostly for Canadians, she has been a distant figure. It has warmed my heart to hear the comments on her life.

I’m pleased that the world, and the news media in particular, could set aside opinions and judgment about the England’s monarchy in general to focus on the woman who lived with enormous responsibility all her life. She was a true leader among leaders.

We’ve heard stories of her wit, her caring, her wisdom. She has demonstrated calm in the face of huge world crises, demonstrating her commitment, determination, and her faith. Liked, loved and respected by most of the world, she was an example for all of us. She never sought more power than she was given. She lived her calling to the best of her ability. She lived with human limitations as well do. Yet, through it all she, as the British monarch, has been a rock for her nation and for our Commonwealth. Her formal speeches have inspired, challenged, comforted.

Now King Charles has big shoes to fill in this troubled world. Crowned at the age of 73, the challenge must be enormous. Among everything else, he is challenged to demonstrate that leadership can begin after the age of seventy. For me that alone is inspiring. He’s beginning when most of us have laid down our tools, be they intellectual or physical in retirement. For me the message is, God never finishes with any of us in this life. Our present role, our future roles continue. We may think we are finished, but God is in charge.

Regardless of our opinion of any monarchy, I encourage all of us to pray, not just for the royal family in their grief, but for King Charles III specifically. He will need God’s Love, Grace, Strength and Wisdom to fulfil his new role. He will need our prayers. As he assumes his new position in our troubled world, may he seek God’s help, follow his mother’s example, and bring something new and good to the British monarchy and for all of us.

We need world leaders who are an example of Jesus’ way, who teach love of God, others and themselves, who live forgiveness. It’s a tough job, but with God, all things are possible.

“With humanity (man) this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)




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  • Janet Stobie
    September 20, 2022 - 1:20 am · Reply

    Thanks for your comment Larry. I didn’t realize that you received my blog. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might like it. As you may have already read, I have a new book “Rajah Finds His Wisdom” for ages 4-8 coming out the middle of October.

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