A Prayer Walk

I received this reminder from our minister, Rev. Nancy Wilson. Today I needed it. I offer it to all of you with my blessings and I’m sure hers as well.

“During this time of ‘staying put at home’, practice offering a ‘walking prayer’ today.

Walk or move around your house, your lot or through your neighborhood. Think of what you might do during the day; and offer those times, activities and people to God. Pray for your family, for friends at school or work, for relationships that have. Ask God to bless each person you name.

Then give thanks for what you see and hear as you walk: the sound of music, your footsteps on the floor, the songs of birds, any neighbors you pass, the beauty of nature, the drama of the weather. Allow this active form of prayer help you focus on growing closer to and more comfortable with God.

Spend some time ‘staying put’ with God in the days to come.” Rev. Nancy Wilson

Give this a try. I know from experience it brings peace. Blessings Janet




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