A Thought For Today

Today is God’s precious gift. Savor it.

Open the gift of today. Receive its Joy.
Open the gift of today. Receive its Joy.

Our awareness of the sadness, the busyness,  the struggles that this day might bring can so fill our minds that we wish this new day was already over, or didn’t have to begin. Worries about what is happening or could happen in our own life or in the world as a whole can make this day as grey as the sky is here in Peterborough this morning.

Today, my faith calls me back to the beauty of life. This grey day can mean the possibility of rain – the water of new life. I am alive and therefore I can make a difference in the world today. My tears of and my laughter will bring love and compassion to someone somewhere in the world today.

Whether we walk, trudge, run or fly through the next 24 hours, our lives have purpose whether or not we can see that purpose. This is my hope. This is my faith.

I believe today is God’s precious gift given to me and to you.           Let’s savor it. 

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