Acts of Love

We have just celebrated Mothers’ Day. At our house, the sun shone, children and grandchildren called, and in my heart God smiled. When my son called, he said that in South Africa, people were being encouraged to do something nice for the person who nurtured you as a child. In South Africa, where extended families often live together, and parents often work far from home, that nurturing person could be an uncle, aunt or grandparent.

The new week is half over. Do we just carry on and say, “well, that job is done for another year. I hope not. Having a loving mom is not a right. Rather it is a privilege. With privileges comes responsibilities. Often our busyness, our work, our lives keep us running. We expect Mom to always be there, even though we know that the day will come when Mom’s life on this earth is finished.

We may have brought or sent flowers last Sunday. We may have visited and shared stories. We may have called and listened carefully. Mom like Mary will keep these memories treasured in her heart.

For the next year, as children our job is to continue to care for Mom as she cares for us. That means we remember to say thank you for meals cooked, laundry done, and whatever else your mom has done for you.  As adult children, with our own lives, it means we take time to call and share our day, our fun experiences, our achievements and our sadness. To care for mom means to pray for her every day. To care for mom means to remember that for years she has made memories for us, and held them in her heart. Today, as adult children it’s our turn to make memories for her. That is our privilege not our duty. These are our acts of love.

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.:” Luke 2:19


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