Another great weekend!!!!

This time it’s not my success but that of my wonderful granddaughter. For those of you who don’t know her, our Ellie is 17. She loves animals, particularly horses. She spends 2/3 of her life at the barn, mucking out stalls, and caring for horses, particularly the one she is leasing. His name is Forever. He’s tall, and big, oh so loving like Ellie, and a marvelous jumper. Ellie’s summer job is working at the barn. Anyone who has ever been part of haying will be well aware of the amount of work our tiny five foot teenager accomplished with two others in unloading 14 wagon loads of hay and storing it in the barn. The bales were the regular small bales so it was all done by hand. And that is just one of many things Ellie does in a week, with her summer job at Endless Journey Farm. She starts at 6:30 a.m. and works til 4 or 5, or 6 or 7. She works with joy, enthusiasm and no complaining.

This weekend her hard work and loving with Forever, paid off.once again. In her division she came first in all her jumping classes and therefore was champion. Lots of red ribbons. Jumping is both Ellie and Forever’s specialty. Then this morning to add icing to the cake, she got second in “Equitation over fences.” That means that she and forever not only can jump high and fast, but they can do it with class. In this competition both horse and rider are judged for their form in jumping and how they look. Both are supposed to make it look easy as they float over the fences, Forever’s tail streaming, his ears perked forward. Ellie’s wide grin told us that both she and Forever fhad a grand time.

It is just wonderful to share in her pride of accomplishment and her total joy. God has blessed Tom and I so extravagantly through our grandchildren. Today we had lunch out in our sanctuary. The two of us gave abundant thanks for this beautiful secluded spot on our deck in the middle of the city. I thanked God, the flowers, the breeze, the sun, and more. We love our home and our life. I just needed to share our joy with all of you. We send out our love to help any of you who are struggling . May God bless you with peace and strength and joy even in the midst of difficulties. The more you recognize the goodness in your life, the more you will understand God’s magnificent, abundant blessings. Have a great day!.

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