Answered Prayer

Tiny Giant

I woke up one morning needing a time of peace from my busy life. As always, my day started with reflection on a Bible passage and then prayer. During my conversation with God, I pleaded for a quiet day. When my reflection time ended, I checked my emails. The first message stated, “Have to cancel today’s meeting.” Frustrated with the last minute change, I paused in my reading to stare out my living room window. Flowers, bathed in brilliant sunshine, already drooped with thirst. Poor things, I thought. They’re stressed too. Into my mind came the thought, here’s the break you needed. Give thanks and take a day trip with Tom. It’ll be good for both of you.

I called out to Tom, “Want to spend a day with me being a tourist?”

He stepped into the living room, grinning. “Sure, it’s too hot to work outside anyway.”

Flipping through the City of Kawartha Lakes Winter/Spring brochure, I spied an ad for the private “Horseless Carriage Museum” located between Bobcaygeon and FenelonFalls.  Further down the page were listings for the Kinmount Arts Co-op and the famed Kinmount Highland Theatre. In less than five minutes, we planned our day.

The Horseless Carriage Museum is a hidden treasure. We spent a delightful hour and half soaking in history as the proud owner, Richard Bennett, entertained us with stories behind each display. Next stop, Kinmount. We checked out the local attractions, bought a book and a bracelet at the Arts Co-op, licked Kawartha Diary Ice Cream cones and rested in the shade of huge maple trees in the park. Actually, Tom stretched out on the grass and slept while I started this reflection. When supper time came, we feasted on salads and strawberries at the Galway community supper. Tummies filled, we drove to the Highland Theatre where once again we stepped back in time. Surrounded with old projectors and movie memorabilia, our day ended with the modern animated movie, “Brave”.

Refreshed and relaxed, we climbed into our car for the short journey home. God had answered my prayer and filled our day with blessings, tamped down and overflowing.


Jesus said, “For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”  (Luke 11:10)


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