September 13, 2021

        What does God look like? We believe that we are asked to be like Jesus, but how do we do that.  Jesus lived two thousand years ago. We have no pictures. Long ago, I read a story about a little girl of five who was busily drawing a picture. “What are…

September 7, 2021

Borrowed Glory It’s Labour Day weekend, the beginning of another school year. Many people will be watching a sporting event of some kind. Just a few weeks ago I was engrossed in the Olympics. As an armchair sports enthusiast I’ve decided that these events whether sports or music concerts or whatever give us “borrowed glory”….

August 10, 2021

    The Ride Our community thought Val was odd. Black lips and nails, brightly striped knee highs, black skirt and coat, greasy graying hair straying in the wind, all she lacked was the pointed witches hat. Often mocked, sometimes feared, adults mostly ignored Val as she hobbled along the streets of our small town….

July 10, 2021

Collect God’s Pearls Each day I read one of James Taylor’s Everyday Psalms – Interpretations of the Biblical Psalms written in the language and images of today. Sometimes, the whole Psalm speaks to my heart, sometimes just one word. Today, two lines stood out for me. God, “You will sort through the rubble of discord…

July 1, 2021

More and more people these days are learning to love poetry. Poets tell their stories by painting a series of vivid pictures with words. They stir our souls, our memories, our imaginations, challenging us to new thoughts and ideas. This past week, I bought Sylvia Fiorita Smith‘s new and first poetry book. I value Sylvia…

June 20, 2021

Image by Daniela Dimitrova from Pixabay      I truly believe Dads, at their best are special, a blessing for their entire family, and wonderful models for their communities. On the CBC news feed I read Chris Tyrone Ross’ article about indigenous dads written for the CBC First Person Series.  In it he says, “All I have left…

The Love at Home is Holy
June 6, 2021

This week, our tears pour forth for the pain of our First Nations brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, relatives and friends. This horror has happened over and over in the history of our world. As human beings we are capable of great beauty and wonder, and terrible violence and pain. Today I offer you…

May 23, 2021

A story and some teaching. You may already know all of this.  Please add your knowledge to mine and your stories. Use the comment button. Pentecost Symbols of God’s Spirit  The dove, God’s Spirit of peace, The windmill, the wind of God’s Spirit bringing challenge & power. Flames – the fire of God’s Spirit that…


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