“Be The Bear”

A Pileated Woodpecker

This strong young man provided entertainment, both sight and sound.

Yesterday we walked along the “Rail Trail” that runs close to our home. The sun was shining. The many people using the trail were careful to keep their distance and yet still looking up and offering a “hello”. We even met a church colleague. It’s easy to carry on a conversation over six feet of space. As we walked away, Tom remarked on how good it felt to talk about church and our faith.

The creek washing away our gloom.

My sister Sharon, sent the following thought written by Cheyanne Thomas. Some of you may have already read this but I thought it worth repeating. I realize that hibernation is not a part of our created being. Still we can learn from other species. A time apart when we choose it can be lifegiving. Just because this time apart is not our first choice doesn’t mean it can’t be life giving too. Maybe we could adopt “Be the Bear” as a motto, to help us live well through Covid 19.

“Be the Bear” by Cheyanne Thomas

I have been feeling very caged in with isolation and social distancing, and my partner Joseph gave me a bear teaching:

When a bear goes into hibernation, they do it for the health of their community and themselves. In the winter, food is scarce, hibernating allows other animals to have access to the limited resources. It slows the spread of disease and viruses among other animals during a season when immune systems are lowered, and energy is limited.

It is also a time of conserving health for the bear, a time for reflection… it is a time that allows you to renew, to undergo change, to honour your place in life and food cycles.

It is not a time for anxiety or fear. When it is time for hibernation, a bear can finally relax. All of the stress of finding food, territory, and a mate disappears. The bear believes that they have done enough and trust in themselves. They know this process is necessary and they will come out the other side renewed.

Be the bear. Stay home. Rest. Know you are doing this for something much bigger than yourself.



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