Bishop’s Palace Residence

Bishop's Palace Residence
Bishop’s Palace Residence

On our excursion Monday, we toured the “Bishop’s Palace Residence”. Wow. I could not ever have imagined the opulence. Although much of the palace was destroyed during World War II, enough remained to restore it to its former splendor.

Ceiling Freescoe
Ceiling Freescoe

Today’s visit helped me to understand what the history books meant when they talked of the lust for power and wealth that existed within a few of the church leaders of the time. This palace was an official residence, built to impress and intimidate. As we followed our tour guide, I struggled to let go of the crimes against the poor that this structure represented, and see the beauty, creativity and skill of the art work. The frescoes, and gilded plaster sculptures on ceilings, around windows, across walls were breathtaking.


Ornate Baroque Architecture and Decoration

Cameras were not permitted, so I found these pictures by Andreas Faessler on Wikipedia. If you google the Wurzberg Bishop’s Palace, you will see many more pictures and learn a great deal more. No picture can capture the wonder of the artists’ works. The grace of line and color filled my heart with joy, even as I lamented the extravagance.

Afterward, we walked through the town and back to the ship.


The rest of this day – afternoon and evening – we ate, slept and danced. Three of our favourite things. It’s wonderful to be able to dance every evening and then walk back to our bedroom. We are truly blessed.


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