Can We Continue to Agree (ENOUGH)?

Our five- year- old grandson crawled into our bed this morning for a cuddle before his little sister woke up. Once he was all snuggled down, he opened the conversation with “My Daddy said that people come from Serbia (his dad is Serbian) to Canada because they want a good life in Canada. In Serbia, people can’t agree and there was war. My friend at “Pooh Corner” (his daycare) came to Canada because there is war in her country. They couldn’t get along there.”

My automatic response was, “I’m glad people can agree enough in Canada.”

His answer, “Me, too.”

Some people describe Canadians as “passive,” and “pleasers.” I’m not so sure about that. I do know we can get upset about injustice. As Canadians, we value our health care system that ensures medical care for everyone. We value our educational system that gives all children the opportunity to learn. We value our freedom to worship, our freedom to be who we are. I don’t ever want to take the peace and freedom we enjoy in this wonderful country for granted.

I’m glad our grandson, at age five, already knows that we are truly blessed to be Canadian. Those of us who were born here, and those who have come to make Canada their home, can get along. Of course, it isn’t easy. God has exercised such variety in creation. It is a challenge.

In Canada, we have proven that it can be done. We can get along. We can hear each others stories when we’ve made mistakes. We can work together to do better.

July 1st is coming soon. As we celebrate our country’s birthday, let’s give thanks for this beautiful mosaic that is Canada. We know our mosaic can be a source of discord. Without work and intention, we could become one of those countries in which people don’t get along, in which there is war. Let’s commit ourselves to loving and accepting one another as unique and special, God’s precious gifts.

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