October 23, 2020

My excitement is building. As I’ve said before, writing and publishing a book is much like giving birth. With the arrival of my cover file for “Breakthrough Moments”, I feel as if my birth water’s have broken. Or as this cover depicts, I’ve been in the darkness and the sun is shining through. I’m thrilled….

May 21, 2020

Tonight, at the end of a long day, I received a wonderful gift in the mail. One of my readers took the time to hand write a special thank you to me for writing my two Catalpa Creek books, Fireweed and To Begin Again. She said, “I found the storyline riveting and didn’t want to…

August 9, 2017

During the rest of that day there was no other adventure to mar the peace of their journey. Once, indeed, the Tin Woodman stepped upon a beetle that was crawling along the road, and killed the poor little thing. This made the Tin Woodman very unhappy, for he was always careful not to hurt any…


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