The Love at Home is Holy
February 23, 2021

Rev. Nancy Wilson, minister at Keene United Church, emails a reflection to our congregation every day. It’s a wonderful way to help us all feel connected and to nurture our faith. A few weeks ago, she called us to look at the places we consider to be sacred in our lives. Today, I’m sharing Nancy’s…

An Ancient tradition - A precious gift.
February 11, 2021

The other day, my friend informed me on the phone that she has sent valentine’s to all her grandchildren via Canada Post. My first thought was, why didn’t I think of that. I love receiving snail mail. Even though most often all I find waiting in my mailbox are flyers and advertisements, Tom or I…

February 2, 2021

For the last month, Tom and I have been learning about Youtube and I-movie editor. Our goal was to make a video and upload it to my Youtube channel. The learning curve felt as steep as climbing the Rockies. We did our best to get it done on our own. Once again, we are aware…

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash
January 29, 2021

My work, my ministry is happening. I am so pleased. This past week, I received an order from one of our churches, requesting copies of of Breakthrough Moments for each member of their zoom spring study group. Wendy, one of their members, bought two copies of Breakthrough Moments – one for herself and one for…

January 26, 2021

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay “Alone, Together” in Prayer? Yesterday, I reread a favourite book of my grandchildren. Children are so wise. They know the wonder of books as friends to be enjoyed, over and over again. This morning, I returned to my cherished reflection book, “The Only Necessary Thing,” a collection of Henri Nouwen’s reflections on prayer….

January 22, 2021

I’m Just a Bow, At the moment, I am reading a fun book, Everyday Parables by James Taylor.   Taylor uses door hinges and CD players to connect our faith to our lives. Jesus told parables to teach about God. He used the mustard seed to explain that whatever amount of faith we have is enough….

January 18, 2021

The Promise of New Life I am part of the planning team for the online Canadian Biblical Storytellers Festival April 2021. As part of the advertising for this event, each team member has agreed to video themselves speaking a small portion of the Bible. I have chosen to tell two verses from Paul’s letter to…

January 1, 2021

New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day I associate in my mind with memories and resolutions, the past and the future. Covid 19 has changed that. I’m feeling the past still with us. No number of New Year’s resolutions will change the future. How depressing! What can I do to change my attitude? “Finally, brothers and…


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