Church Kids

At church last Sunday, two year old Lillas wandered around the pulpit while her big sister Hannah (age 8) read scripture with their grandfather. These children have been with our church familiy from their very beginning. In the comfort of their mother’s womb they listened to the hymns, prayers, scripture readings, even the sermon.
Often, parents say, “I won’t bring my children to church. I want them to choose for themselves, when they are old enough.”
I believe intelligent choices require knowledge. How can a child make a choice for a Christian lifestyle when she/he knows nothing about it?
At the moment these children know they belong with our church family. Whether or not in the future they choose a life long relationship with the church, the grounding in faith, they receive during the next few years will always be with them. As they participate in Junior Church, Church picnics & parties, and worship, they will learn the Christian story. They will learn that they are loved by God. God’s call to them to love others and all of God’s creation will be written on their hearts. Their parents love and faith are giving these two beautiful beloved children a solid foundation for living.

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