Come Join the Advent Adventure

Come, Join the Adventure!

Flying standby can be an adventure. It’s Friday. You’re flying standby into a busy airport. You find yourself watching plane after plane take off without you. That’s when your mind needs to shift to adventure mode. What new and exciting things are happening around you? After all, you will eventually get on a flight, today or tomorrow.

December’s here. Many of us are “flying standby,” hoping to catch the “right plane” to be ready for Christmas. As we scramble around, shopping, cooking, cleaning and more, it’s easy to lose touch with the amazing adventure that is the Christmas journey to Bethlehem. 

Our traditional Christmas story celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus, who came as God to walk beside us, to live within us, to teach us how to love this world. I know that’s a miracle.

As I prepare for Christmas, I’m asking that mysterious Christmas Spirit to lead me to hope for your life and mine. I know the gifts I give can bring joy and love into the darkness of this world. With each Christmas light I see, I can remember that kindness and generosity do exist. I can remember my experiences of them. Kindness and generosity don’t often make the headlines of newspapers, but these acts can remain headlines in my heart.

This Christmas, I invite you to join with me on an adventure to Bethlehem. I offer you this prayer of hope and love to guide your journey. Print it out and tape it to your fridge or mirror. Pray it every day.

Loving God, open my heart to pour love into this world. May every decoration I set out, every gift I give, every party I attend, every cookie I bake, bring love’s light. May our home be filled with the joy of love and laughter to all who enter. Focus my mind and heart on the adventure of loving this year. Thank you for this season of light. Amen

Even if we’re “flying standby,” we can live an adventure to Bethlehem. There is hope for a new tomorrow.

“God’s light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

 (John 1: 5)

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