“Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotionals” has arrived!

I’m pleased to announce that my new book, “Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotionals has arrived.

This new resource will relieve the anxiety we sometimes feel when it’s our turn to lead devotions at our local UCW meetings. “Dipping your toes” has 44 devotional services with everything you need – reflection, prayers, hymns, call to worship, right down to the benediction. There is even a discussion question if you choose to make the worship part of your meeting participatory.

Dipping your toes will help you gain confidence in sharing the joy of spreading the “Good News” because it contains tips for leading effective worship and teaches you the “why’s” of each part of the service – Why we have a Call to Worship? The value of corporate prayer and so much more. When you work through Part II that I have called “Wading in a Little Deeper”, you will have prepared your own service – the prayers, the reflection, the scripture, all of it.

Besides bringing life to your small group devotions, this wonderful resource can be used for nursing home services, Bible study and personal devotions.

Dipping Your Toes is an excellent resource for your own personal library and your church library. It sells for $20 plus tax and shipping.  To receive a signed copy send me an email –  info@janetstobie.com It’s that simple. I’m going to the post office tomorrow to find out the cost of shipping. It can also be ordered through Pat Gilmore, director of United Church Book Displays – pgilmore@united-church.ca

Get yours today. Build your confidence in leading devotionals.

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