Don’t trade your future for a bowl of soup.

Sometimes the Bible’s wisdom seems to be total fantasy. The story of Esau returning home hungry and trading his future for a bowl of soup has always seemed ridiculous to me. Who would be so foolish as to trade his inheritance, his future for a bowl of soup? And what relative or friend would be that mean and selfish with the bread of life. And yet both Jacob and Esau’s stories have been lived out every day since the beginning of time.

Just consider the treaties negotiated with our First Nation’s people in the past. How could the settlers be so cruel? Why would the First Nation’s people give away their land? Today a few moments high are traded for the future, as young people become alcoholics or drug addicts. The next lucky spin can lead people to gamble away their future. The desire to gain something for nothing tempts people  to trust scammers. Always there is another temptation – one more dessert, working “under the table”, turning a blind eye to prejudice and the list goes on.

As human beings we can be foolish, or desperate. There is always someone willing to be selfish and cruel. The title of this blog, “Don’t trade your life for a bowl of soup.” Is just too true.

Politicians promise us savings on taxes in trade for quality education and universal health care. They tell us, as a nation we cannot afford a guaranteed minimum wage for everyone. Investments that destroy our environment will cost our future but we trade them for money. And none of these offer at least the nutrition of soup.

The Bible story of Jacob and Esau is so true it is scary. The Bible offers up wisdom. It’s time we listened with our hearts and our heads.

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