Every summer with God’s help, Tom’s help and that of the local greenhouses, I create a beautiful little writing sanctuary on my deck. I am surrounded with flowers as I sit with my computer on the porch swing. Peace fills my soul on these lovely summer days. I don’t have a green thumb, but I do talk to my flowers every day. I tell them they are lovely. They are doing well. I encourage them to continue to grow and keep flowering. I thank them for the joy they give to me and my family.

The flowers in my front yard are not nearly as productive. I believe it is because I spend less time with them. When I think to talk with them, I usually shake my head and lament that they seem to struggle with staying alive. I say things like, “I gave you lots of compost, it can’t be the soil. I know you are shaded much of the day but you are supposed to be shade plants.”

Maybe plants are like people. I know from experience that I flourish, and so do others when we receive words of love, appreciation and encouragement. Only yesterday I received an email from one of my subscribers saying, “Another thoughtful and inspiring message. Thankyou. We have moved, so we have a new email address. Please amend it in your list. It would be sad to miss any of your blogs.” The writer’s kind words gave me a boost. My day was lighter. My heart heard the goodness that happened throughout my day.

My suggestion for you and me is:

Each morning as we rise from sleep and give God thanks for life, identify one person to receive your sincere words of love and encouragement at some point through your day. Just a few words spoken with honesty and love can bring a sparkle to a loved one or a stranger. Plan to give this gift to someone everyday. You will be surprised at the effect your words will have upon you, as well.



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