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Rev. Nancy Wilson, minister at Keene United Church, emails a reflection to our congregation every day. It’s a wonderful way to help us all feel connected and to nurture our faith. A few weeks ago, she called us to look at the places we consider to be sacred in our lives. Today, I’m sharing Nancy’s questions and prayer with all my readers. I encourage you to take the time to answer these questions. Maybe even try writing down your answers.


Spiritual Practice:

    • which image comes to mind when you think of your church?
    • whatare some of your memories of the space?
    • what do you miss most when we aren’t able to gather inside?
    • what will be the first thing you do upon re-entering?
    • Are there other ways to use our space to tell the story of our faith?”

Rev.Nancy Wilson


Bless, O God, the sacred and holy spaces in our lives –
– the places we gather for worship, reflection and prayer.
– the places we practice and live out our faith.
– the places and times, wherever we might be, that we feel a closeness to you.

Bless, O God, the sacred and holy spaces in our lives.
May they renew us and inspire us.                                                                                                                                                              Rev.Nancy Wilson

Today, I remind all of us, the places we walk and live and work become holy ground as we live as Jesus taught. Each time we offer love and kindness to family, friend and community, we bring God’s Spirit of holiness to that place, to that time and to that action. Now, take a few moments. In your mind or on paper, list the places and times that have become sacred for you. Post them on your fridge and give God thanks. For me, I’m starting with my home. Every time I walk through the door, I want to remember that this is holy ground because it is a place of love for me and for others.

The Love of Home

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