Everyday God

Too often I talk with people who are worn out, exhausted, overwhelmed. Life has lost its meaning. The treadmill of busyness has taken over. “What happened to the fun?” they ask.  “Even play times like catching a good movie, dinner out, watching the hockey game with friends, require such careful scheduling and determined “no’s,” that it’s hardly worth the effort. “How do I get my life under control?” is a major question in today’s world.

In his final speech in Springfield, Illinois, before going to Washington, Abraham Lincoln declared, “ The great God who guided me all my life must help me now. Without that assistance, I shall surely fail; with it, I cannot fail.” Lincoln was embarking on an awesome task. He looked to God, his constant companion all his life to provide wisdom and guidance.

We trust God for the huge tasks and the most painful obstacles in life, yet we assume that the daily tasks are totally our own responsibility. Without even thinking about God, we get them done. The grass is mowed; the cake baked; the report finished. We think we don’t need God in our daily routine. We forget that we believe in an everyday God.

Many years ago, I learned a very important secret. The Lord is my shepherd not just through the tough times, but every day through all the mundane stuff. When I begin each day seeking God’s Grace, I fly on the Holy Spirit. Blessings surround me. I notice the smile of the store clerk. I hear the praise that is offered me. My laughter increases. My stress decreases. Yes, I still have a thousand things to do, but God has given me this precious day full of joys and challenges

Life can be like eating peas with your knife. You can do it even though the peas keep sliding off, and you cut your tongue once in a while. When you add God, it’s like adding a fork and spoon. You fly on the Spirit. With God, Grace abounds.  

“The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want…” (Psalm 23)

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