Fast Food

One Version of a TV Dinner today

In the 1960’s an ordering mistake left the Swanson company with 270 tons of leftover Thanksgiving turkey. GT Thomas looked at all that turkey and created a frozen turkey dinner with three sides. He called it TV dinners. They sold out. With that creation the fast food industry was born.

During the Covid quarantine, we needed a way to meet virtually for worship, for meetings, sometimes just to see family. Technology provided the answer. Let’s just live-stream, let’s zoom, and more. It was better than no interaction.

The TV dinner in all its modern variations provides nutrients that will keep us from starving, but it doesn’t compare with the taste and love that comes with a home cooked meal.

The same is true with fast food Church. Whether it’s TV church, live streamed church, zoom church or more, we know it’s much better than no church. For sure, zoom church means that we can eat breakfast, sit in our pyjamas, do our homework, or what ever other multitask we wish to do, and still hear the sermon, the prayers.

Gathering together for worship brings so much more. When we come together in community we bring with us a shared Spirit, the opportunity for human touch – handshakes, hugs, a true meeting of the eyes, the excitement of human presence.  When we’re together we can sing. In fact, we are participants rather than a spectators at church.

Just as TV dinners cannot replace the traditional family meal, zoom church cannot replace the gathered community. I encourage all of us to make the effort. Covid may have left us wanting to stay home. We need to step beyond our own comfort and join the church community in person. The Spiritual food we receive is amazing.



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  • Betty Lou
    October 1, 2023 - 1:03 pm · Reply

    Very True! When watching our services on U-tube or Zoom we miss the joy of meeting other like-minded christians & friends. We can’t get that “family feeling,” the feeling of caring for each other and the “world”.

  • Janet Stobie
    October 2, 2023 - 2:02 pm · Reply

    Thanks for the comment BettyLou. For sure. I don’t miss going church unless I’m sick. Zoom church is a last resort. Still I’m grateful it’s there when I’m sick. Blessings Jan

  • Janet Stobie
    October 2, 2023 - 2:08 pm · Reply

    Thanks to you Donna also. I miss seeing you and all of my former church family at Dunsford. I may have moved away but I haven’t forgotten my Dunsford church family. Sorry I couldn’t return last Sunday. Covid often changes our direction. Blessings Janet

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