Father’s – Why celebrate them?

In our modern world it has become difficult to celebrate “Father’s Day”. After all, families come in many shapes and sizes. Some have children living with Mom and Dad living in another place. Some have two mom’s and no dad’s at all. To complicate matters even more, some dads are wonderful, and some are not. We know that for some in our world, Father’s day feels like just another hollow commercial holiday. So, why bother with it at all?

God has blessed me with two sons and a son-in-law, all three of which belong in the wonderful father category. Oh, they’re not perfect, even if they are mine, but they are amazing. All of them care for their children from changing diapers, through cleaning house, to coaching sports teams. Like many modern families, these modern Dads believe in teamwork.

These Dads have learned the joy and of course the challenges, of being involved in their children’s lives. And my grandchildren have reaped the benefits. They are growing up with loving men who give them support, affirmation and care.

There are many families with “wonderful Dads” doing their best to parent their children whether or not they’re part of a traditional family. These Dad’s need their day of celebration each year because we need to be reminded of the value of their efforts. We need to openly appreciate what they do.

I’m glad we celebrate Father’s Day. Children need a “father figure” in their lives. Whether the role is filled by a neighbour, a family friend, or Dad himself, Father is vital in a child’s life.

“Honour your Father and your Mother.” (Exodus 20: 12)



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