Fun for this coming Saturday.

Gala Auction

This Saturday, I’m going to the Gala Auction at Bridgenorth United Church, our new church family. I talked with Sue who is head of the planning team. What a pleasure to speak with a leader who is so enthusiastic about the event. Her words, “I love the auction and chile lunch. It’s so much fun. And we have a brand new kayak donated. People are being so generous.“

Auctions are fun. This one is both silent and traditional. And lunch besides. And they have allowed me to come and have a table with all of my books for sale, especially Rajah Finds His Wisdom. Instead of giving one or two books into the auction I will be donating 30% of the purchase price of any of the books sold to the church. As well, $1.00 from the sale of every book goes to the United Church Mission and Service Fund. So I’m hoping for lots of sales as well.

And then there is my chocolate sauce. I’ve been making chocolate sauce as gifts for at least thirty years. When my grandson Chris was about eight he said, “Grandma, this sauce is so good, you ought to manufacture it for sale. We would get rich.” Anyway, I’m making a batch to put in the auction. This is our new church family so no one has tasted it yet. The person who gets it will have a delightful surprise.

The auction is this Saturday over lunch. I think that’s great. There will be no driving in the dark. Besides kids can come and enjoy the fun. And adults are left free to do what they do on Saturday night. Tom and I are going with friends to the Peterborough Theatre Guild’s live production of Neal Simon’s Play, “Rumours”.

I hope to see many of you at the auction. Blessings from Tom and I.


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