Get Ready! Get Set!

Get ready! Pack up your stuff!

Get set! Take time to pray!

Just the beginning.
Just the beginning.

We are packed and ready for tomorrow. Did it all in one day. Our car’s looking loaded down. We’re not moving. Ahead of us is a wonderful holiday. We’re leaving after church.  I don’t remember why we chose to leave on Sunday but now I’m pleased. I can’t think of a better way to begin the long drive to Vancouver. Put God first in your life has been my motto for a long time. Now I guess I do it out of habit.

We spent the day filling suitcases and boxes. We’ve things to bring for daughter Bonnie and Grandson Chris. Of course there are boxes of books. I intend to stop at a few bookstores on the way.

My hope is to dance and pray our way across western Canada and back. My plan is to blog about how God touches our lives on this journey and post pictures. I’ve packed up all my info on Grandma Grigg so I can at least get an outline for my book about her. Tom drives and I write. It’s a great division of labour and keeps us both sane. This will surely be a writing holiday.

Last night we had a family birthday party for son Brad. In lots of ways it felt like a farewell party for this journey. Today we ate up the leftovers. What could be better when we’re packing. Today, Connie, Ellie and I went shopping, but not for our trip. I needed just a few more minutes with family. Tonight, I’m truly aware of the blessing of family. We’ll miss them all.

Tomorrow, Go! Please pray for us. Thank you and blessings Janet


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