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Every Friday I have the pleasure and privilege of taking my special needs granddaughter, Vanessa, out for lunch and spending the afternoon with her. We run errands, work on her scrapbook, walk, read, whatever she is able to do and wants to do on particular Friday.

Last week, Vanessa and her wonderful Mom, Janet, surprised me with a gift, the book Footprints by M.F. Powers. The card said, “Thank you for spending Fridays with me” and was signed with love by my granddaughter. Every day, I read at least one of these inspiring stories. I am so grateful.

I believe the Bible offers us God’s living “Word” when we come to it with our mind’s open to hearing. The amazing part of this is that we can read the same passage every month or year and hear a different message.

God doesn’t just speak to us through the Bible. Although the stories in my lovely new book seldom mention God, I feel God touch my heart as I read. Today’s stories focused on kindness. The message I received was that I pass on to you was,

Offer a dose of  “vitamin E for encouragement” to your family,                friends, and strangers today.

It sounds so simple. The list of suggestions contained 101 examples. As I read through them, I noted all the ways that God had been encouraging me over the last few weeks. Today I will bring my handwritten note of gratitude for Vanessa to our family gathering. Their gift is truly a blessing for me.

Hopefully my posts occasionally offer the same kind of blessing to you.


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