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October 1 Day 33

First, it’s good to be with Tom’s son Will and his partner Claudia. We’ve had lots of great conversation today. God was certainly active in our lives today. Here is the story of our trip to the grocery store.

We chose Safeway because it was on the way home from a visit to a United Church. After collecting our groceries so we could cook supper, we lined up at the check-out. Often when I’m busy with something, Tom will strike up a conversation. Today was no exception. While I set the groceries on the conveyor, he explained that are visitors to Calgary. At that point, Tom told the cashier that I was a minister and a writer promoting my books. He handed her my card.

She looked at me and said, “A minister…Oh my God, you’re just the person I need today. God must have sent you here.” We talked a bit as she checked through our groceries. Her supervisor came along and told her to go on break when she finished with us. She looked at me and said, “Now I’ll have time to talk with you.” And we did talk and pray together. She went back to work with a smile.

Some people would say this was a co-incidence. For me this encounter was a God-incident – a blessing for both of us.

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