God’s Call to Relationship

I have no pictures to share tonight. For some reason I cannot get the SD card to relinquish any of the pictures taken on September 18. Today, I took only family pictures on my phone. They are not for distribution.

September 18 Day 20

We’ve had a lovely quiet day. I think we managed to pack all our belongings this morning without forgetting anything, leaving any droppings behind as my sister Sharon says. After saying goodbye to Ross and Carol we set off for Vancouver about an hour late. For the next four hours we enjoyed mile after mile of mountains and valleys with lakes and switch backs to add spice. We arrived in Coquitlam about 3:30 just as the afternoon rush was beginning. I set up google maps on my phone to lead us to the owners of the condo we were renting in Vancouver so we could pick up the key. Neither Tom nor I have used a GPS before. We learned that it is difficult to trust a voice from our phone to lead us through strange city streets and 4 o’clock traffic. We did arrive at the right place and the owner was waiting with the key. Of course we still had to let the phantom voice lead us back to the highway and then to grandson Christopher. We discovered that this GPS does work. It will get us where we need to go although it is a stressful exercise.

We were an hour late arriving at Christopher’s house. All the traffic and stress disappeared when I saw him. He’s been here in Vancouver since last March and we’ve missed him. In fact our whole family has missed Chris. We unloaded his stuff and climbed back into the car. With Chris being our GPS we headed for daughter Bonnie’s apartment in North west Vancouver. We’ve missed Bonnie and Alex and Boris over the last year. With them we have skyped regularly which has helped. We’ve watched Alex as he learned to walk and all the other developmental steps he has taken. After about an hour and a half visit, it was time for the three of them to go to bed. The three of us walked up the street for a very late supper. Now we’re settled in our beautiful condo. We’ve unpacked everything. I’m sure the car must be taking the same deep breath I am tonight. I’m happy to be in one place for a while.

Tonight I am grateful once again for good roads, amazing scenery and a safe journey. We are grateful for that GPS voice even though at times we wanted to scream at her. Most of all, I’m grateful that our loved ones who live here in Vancouver are healthy and happy. Tonight we are blessed.

September 19 Day 21

I’m aware that for the next week, we will mostly be doing family things. Today was no exception. I had a special time with Chris and Tom his individual time with Bonnie and Alex. Boris cooked roast chicken for dinner, and Bonnie made Carrot lentil soup for supper. Both were delicious. It rained all day which is normal for Vancouver except this year. They’ve had very little rain so this was welcomed. We both had time with Chris and with Bonnie, Boris and Alex – a wonderful family day.

We’re enjoying the condo rental. Not only is it considerably less expensive (which is an important factor in Vancouver), it is wonderful to have a fully equipped kitchen and lovely livingroom. Being on the sixth floor, we look out over English Bay from the bedroom and out over the city from the livingroom. Tonight the city lights are beautiful.

Where was God today? Right here with us. At the YM/YWCA I was surrounded by beautiful children and loving parents, enjoying the brightly coloured play room on a rainy day. For me it was a tiny glimpse of heaven, as children and adults enjoyed the facility and each other. The blessing of God’s call to us to live in loving supportive relationships descended upon me all day, as I enjoyed our grandsons – 23 year old Chris and 18 month old Alex. I’m sure God smiled upon us as we talked and played. Tonight the quiet of this lovely apartment and the blessed opportunity to write this blog, tells me that God takes care of our needs even before we know we have them. We are truly blessed.

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