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September 30  Day 32

Kicking Horse Pass Canyon Bridge - picture from Wickipedia website
Kicking Horse Pass Canyon Bridge – picture from Wickipedia website

This didn’t capture the depth of the canyon

magnificent 3

Today we drove back through “Kicking Horse Pass”.  Coming out to Vancouver, evening was approaching as we drove through this section of the TransCanada highway. We were so focused on getting to the town of Golden before dark, we did not appreciate what we were seeing. Also today every detail, every tree, rock, and snow patch is glistening in the glorious sunshine. I took pictures but my little camera cannot see the height nor the depth around us. The highest point of the pass is 5,390 ft. We looked way down over the guardrail to the valley bottom below and way up to snowcapped Mount Hunter. My heart filled with the majesty and wonder of it all.


Every little while we saw workmen, cranes, giant excavators almost hanging off the side of this mountain. My mind slipped back to pictures of the people who built the railroad through this pass. The hardship and risk they undertook to unite Canada from sea to sea.

The sun shone on the snow, bounced off the rocks, sparkled and danced over the evergreens and brilliant yellow poplars. Wow! Yes, there is a God, guaranteed. All the science in the world can never explain the beauty of this world. As Tom said, every bend in the road yields another treasure. I’ve seen this place in movies, on TV, in books but nothing can compare with being here. I worked hard at restraining my tongue. My natural impulse was to keep saying, “Wow, look Tom, see that.” We do want to get home in one piece. He does have to look at the road occasionally.

Clear cut scar - very little growing years later
Clear cut scar – very little growing years later

Further along we saw the scars left by clear cut logging, patches of barrenness in the middle of this rugged beauty.

Animal Bridge for smart animals and safe drivers.
Animal Bridge for smart animals and safe drivers.

Every once in a while we passed a bicycle. Now that’s an accomplishment. This was the most gorgeous day for driving we’ve had. Along the highway right of way we saw miles of high fences which help the animals find their special safe crossings. These wild life bridges are a relative of the salmon ladders built to help salmon get around dams.

Downtown Banff
Downtown Banff
Banff park - buffalo sculpture
Banff park – buffalo sculpture
Banff park - crackers and cheese for picnic lunch
Banff park – crackers and cheese for picnic lunch

When we got to Banff we were ready for a break. We checked out the United Church but is wasn’t open on Wednesdays. Further along, St. George’s in the Pines Anglican Church had a neat sign, “Come in and Pray.” So we did. We stepped into a beautiful, quiet, dimly lit sanctuary and gave thanks to God for this fabulous journey. We stopped by the church office to talk with the administrator. “The rector is only here on Thurs.,” she said. She took our info. We walked to the park for a picnic lunch on this sunny warm fall day. A grade one class, some teenagers, tourist families, everyone was enjoying the day, just like us.

Canmore Downtown
Canmore Downtown
Canmore United
Canmore United

Next stop Canmore. Another beautiful tourist mountain town. On the main street we found a local dairy selling yummy, chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Tom virtuously declined the indulgence. I, on the other hand, enjoyed every lick.

By the time we got to Calgary we were out of the mountains. Golden grass covered the parched, flat ground. This too is beautiful. Son Will and partner Claudia welcomed us with love. They prepared a scrumptious vegetarian dinner. It’s so good to be with family once again. Thank you God for a fabulous day.

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