God’s Variety Is Wonderful

God’s Variety Is Wonderful!

by Janet Stobie


When I got home from North Carolina, a dozen gorgeous gladioli greeted me. Gladioli are ostentatious and colorful. They grab my attention.

Gladioli remind me of my wonderful husband Tom. He’s tall and hard to miss. His large personality can take over a room. And, he is handsome, and loving. When I cuddle up to him I enjoy his warmth and his size. When I’m feeling that someone is not being respectful, I’m grateful to have my Tom at my side.

Some of you may prefer smaller flowers, quieter flowers. Roses have an aristocratic beauty. Daisies are dainty. These flowers don’t shout out their beauty like gladioli. These flowers feel more sedate. They’re easier to accept. Some may prefer quieter friends and partners. It’s easier to deal with those who remain in the background, who offer opinions only when asked.

God’s creation of both flowers and people has infinite variety. St. Paul says that if the whole body were an eye we wouldn’t be able to hear. Today as I enjoy Tom’s gift of gladioli, I’m glad there are roses, and chrysanthemums and buttercups and more. I’m particularly glad that people come in so many different shapes, sizes and personalities. I’m glad that God loves variety.  God even created me, unique, loving and even beautiful warts and all, at least in Tom’s eyes. And that’s all that matters.


“And God saw everything God had made and behold, it was very good.”  Genesis 1:31




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