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My work, my ministry is happening. I am so pleased. This past week, I received an order from one of our churches, requesting copies of of Breakthrough Moments for each member of their zoom spring study group. Wendy, one of their members, bought two copies of Breakthrough Moments – one for herself and one for a friend, after my book launch last November. She obviously enjoyed my stories and discussion questions, because she suggested it would be good for the whole group to read and discuss together.

I mailed the autographed books yesterday. Today I received a tracking email, telling me that they are delivered and waiting for pick up. What could be faster? Shipping by Canada post was less than two dollars per book. When a group orders five or more. I offer a ten percent discount, which this time almost covered the shipping.

The purpose of my writing in general, and Breakthrough Moments in particular, is to encourage and entice my readers to talk about their faith and how it connects to their lives. If requested, I am willing to meet with the group on Zoom to answer any questions they wish about my stories in Breakthrough Moments, or my writing in general, and to do a reading from one of my other books. I offer my heartfelt thanks to Wendy for suggesting my book.

My hope is this book order is the beginning of a trend. It is my prayer that other groups in other churches, not just United Churches, will choose Breakthrough Moments as their study project this spring. To order just email me at or call me 705-340-9084.

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  • Bev
    January 30, 2021 - 4:54 pm · Reply

    Congratulations Jan!
    I am sure they will enjoy your stories and spread the word to others looking for a wonderful tool for study groups, especially in these “Zoom” times. Blessing to you and your work!❤️

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