Goodness and Mercy? Fun and Laughter? My choice!

We were enjoying Sunday brunch with a group of friends from the church, when one asked, “Does anyone have suggestions for something Brian and I could do today?” After several suggestions from others, I blurted out , “Come to our house for dinner.”

Tom and I prepared a simple dinner of grilled veggies, salad and fresh catfish. Our friends brought an ice cream cake. We had a relaxed meal and good conversation and several euchre games, all of it laced with laughter. My spontaneous invitation resulted in a blessed evening for the four of us.

With a full calendar, I don’t often do spur of the moment things anymore. When I have an afternoon or evening with nothing already planned, I try not to fill it up with more busyness. Spontaneity has disappeared. I’ve lost track of the fact that Jesus enjoyed a good time. I believe that God has fun and fellowship waiting for us always. Consider the last few lines of the Twenty-third Psalm, “Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”  Maybe God enjoys the freedom of last minute plans as much as we do.

One thing I know for sure. If I had stopped to consider the state of my house, or what was available in my freezer and fridge, or that this was the first day with nothing in it we’d had all week, I wouldn’t have extended the invitation, and the four of us would have missed out on enjoying God’s goodness. So, I encourage you to open your eyes to the unexpected. God’s goodness and mercy does follow us. All that is required is our choice to turn and receive it.


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