“Have You Been Saved?”

I offer this post here on my own blog because it has received criticism elsewhere.

Basically, the objection as I understand it, is based on the basic thought that there might be more than one way to come to God.

Jesus words, “I am the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6) . No one comes to the Father but by me.” are the basis of the objection.

What exactly did Jesus mean by this statement?

Was he saying that only Christians who claim Jesus as Lord would inherit eternal life? Was he saying that everyone else is going to hell or will be left out?

Please read the post and then make your comment. I need your thoughts.


“Have you been saved?”

By Janet Stobie

Over the years, I have often been confronted with the question, “Have you been saved?” Usually I ask them to explain what they mean. Too often, I hear:

  1. Our amazing God, whose creation contains infinite variety, has only ONE way to “save” people.
  2. Our unconditionally loving God has created us all with a basic flaw that is leading us to eternal damnation.
  3. Our generous God, who offers blessings tamped down and overflowing, has limited the number of God’s creation to be saved, to just a tiny portion of the millions in this world.

I know I don’t have a complete and total understanding of God. Therefore, 

I see no value in putting limitations on God.

Over my lifetime, God has constantly surprised me.

Just when I think I have this faith thing figured out, God gives me yet another revelation.

Here are my thoughts and experiences for the moment.

I have experienced the beauty and goodness of a young man committed to the Muslim faith. I have discovered that the Koran and our Bible both speak about God’s endless unconditional love. Solid in my heart comes the realization that God is the source of all human beings, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and many more about whom I know nothing. Of course, God has more than one way to teach us about loving one another. Of course, God has more than one way to give us guidance, strength, comfort and courage. God must have more than one way to teach us how to live.

Every time I hold a baby, child or animal, I know again that we are all created for joy, love and goodness. I wonder why we are so worried about eternal damnation. Surely, God is stronger than any evil we can create. God certainly illustrated God’s power when God rose from death in Jesus, the Christ. In Jesus God triumphed over the worst we can do.

Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if what God is doing is saving us from ourselves. God creates and declares that creation is good. Maybe our world would take another step towards God’s realm if we gave up trying to decide who is in and who is out, in God’s eyes. I believe God calls us to focus on the goodness of God’s creation.

My question is:

How have you experienced God’s goodness today?

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