Healing is Possible

Internet is off and on tonight. I had this blog ready to go except for the pictures. As usual I struggled with finding the pictures and lost the internet. So once again here is the post without pictures. There are heaps of joy filled moments on this trip. I’m sad that posting my blog is not one of them. Here is one written a few days ago. I’ll post a second tonight written yesterday, I think. Thanks for your patience.

Today I sat at the front of the ship soaking in the beauty as we travelled down river. Mile after mile of idyllic peace. A yellow canoe cut through the sparkling green water. Occasionally, a small village nestled against the hills and protected by its tall church spire, broke the lush green of the countryside with white and blue and red. Today families enjoyed the tiny beaches. Children frolicked in the water at the river’s edge. This is a joyful morning. On this trip most mornings bring this peace.

When we arrived in Nuremberg, both of us decided to skip the historical documentation of WWII. Hitler’s Germany is a dark and painful blot on human history. Today’s German citizens feel the shame and the pain. Everywhere we’ve stopped we have seen the results of their hard work, rebuilding and restoring after the war. This is a monumental job, not just with their buildings but with their souls.

Instead we went on the walking tour of Nuremburg titled, a taste of Nuremberg. Mostly we saw the castle and some spectacular churches, Besides feasting with our eyes, we were given a sample of German gingerbread made with spices and ground nuts- a yummy cookie. We also enjoyed German sausage on a bun plus a generous sample of the local beer. The tour was delightful, the people of the city warm and friendly. Our taste of Nuremberg was delightful – a joyful moment a new memory of Nuremberg to lay beside the horror of Hitler and hopefully add to the healing.

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