Hope for Us All

Save our climate. I was there with the kids. They are serious.

Today’s conventional wisdom is that there is no hope. That myth is spouted by news media and by our friends. Many of us lament that darkness – climate change, war, hunger, oppression, abuse – is engulfing the world. At times, we almost celebrate the hopelessness we feel. We’ve forgotten that how we think about the future sculpts how we live today. Is there any hope?

Yes! Today we know. Our TV’s, computers, phones hold the darkness up to us. Bad news sells, so we can’t pretend ignorance. We can’t hide from the horror. And so we respond. Fundraisers, protest marches, recycling, hybrid cars – little by little, one person at a time our kindness, our caring is beginning to make a difference.

 Yes! Goodness, kindness, caring are not slowly disappearing. What we have lost is the ability to recognize God’s light that is growing in the darkness. There is hope. As people of faith, it’s our job to open our eyes and intentionally seek God’s light, recognize and name it.

Our young people are rising up by the thousands and demanding politicians take action to stop climate change. Our country like many others is working to resettle the millions of refugees and displaced persons. The Canada Food Grains Bank and Food banks are trying hard to erase hunger. We see God’s light pouring from individuals, from you and me, as we volunteer for school breakfast programs, at food banks and so much more. Our arts community is creating books, paintings, poetry, carvings, all depicting the light, all full of hope. One person at a time we are seeing glimpses of God’s love and acceptance. God is using us to bring hope to this world.

Of course our world isn’t perfect yet, but God’s light is shining in the darkness.  Today we speak out for justice for our First Nations people, our women, our handicapped, our children. We have hope. I am truly grateful.

John’s Gospel tells us, “God’s light shines in the darkness and the darkness CANNOT put it out.”

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