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This morning I started my prayer time telling God, “Here we go again. I won’t whine or complain. I’m happy, excited, overwhelmed, scared.” All those feelings filled my soul because at noon today, we picked up another 500 copies of my latest book, “Dipping Your Toes”, my popular worship resource. Once again my study closet will be filled with books. Even though I have already sold 1200 copies of this book, I was anxious.


Ever since I published my first book, I have been taking these leaps of faith. Ordering and paying for, 500 books takes courage. At this point I feel fairly secure that all 500 will sell if I work at it. My experience has taught me that all I have to do is tell someone about Dipping Your Toes, and they will buy it. They don’t even have to see it. People of faith who are active in their churches immediately recognize the value of having 44 complete devotional worship services at their fingertips.


This morning God responded immediately to my anxiety. I picked up the new book of reflections, my granddaughter Vanessa gave me. The bookmark brought me to Part 2 – Hope, Trust, Faith. The first scripture verse reminded me that “with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37) Directly following was the prophet Jeremiah saying, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to bring you prosperity not evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11) I laughed out loud as I read. “O.k. God,” I said. “I hear you. We’re together on this. Just what I needed.”


God does speak words of encouragement to us every day, if we would only listen. I looked out my window and soaked in the life-giving sunshine. “Thank you, God,” I said. “We wrote Dippping Your ToesI together, so of course you will be with me as we sell it.


If you’re looking for a worship resource go to, check out Dipping Your Toes in Planning Small Group Devotionals. It’s available through UCRD or through David C. Cook Distribution. If you have any questions click on contact me. I‘m happy to help in any way that I can.




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