“I Did It AND Did It Well!”

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The Slam is over. I did not win. That was not a surprise. The Good News is, I did it. And did it well. Also I learned heaps.

  1. The origin of the “slam” is with the song form “Rap”. A “slam” is a poetry competition.
  2. Our Durham writer’s group competition rules, allowed short stories as well. I learned that stories do not fit well into the “slam” category.
  3. A “poetry slam” has a driving rhythm that allows the speaker to say more words in less time and build to a climax without an actual story line.
  4. A “slam” or “spoken word” poem usually takes a stand on an issue.
  5. The language is very poetical. I loved the use of words by these poets.

There were nine competitors in our “Slam” competition. Five used poetry. Two of us, the only two over 70 used short stories. All in all, it was a great experience. Will I compete next year? Only if I can write a driving poem on an issue. Since I seldom write poetry, I would need to do a pile of practising. At the moment writing poetry is not very high on my priority list.

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